Market research indicates collagen casings rate higher than other products


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Sausages are usually made from meat, fat, salt and spices which are blended together and stuffed into a casing.  In the past casings were made of animal intestines, though they are now often made from collagen (a naturally occurring protein) or plastic.

Some sausages are cooked during processing, and the casing may be removed after that before sale, producing the skinless sausage.  Sausages may be preserved by curing, drying in cool air, or smoking.

Efficient butchery has created the sausage.  Sausage-makers put to use meat and animal parts that are edible and nutritious, but not particularly appealing - and as such are often cheap as they have no other use.  Sausages are thus one of the oldest of prepared foods, whether cooked and eaten immediately (fresh sausages), or dried and smoked to varying degrees.

More recently sausages have been made from higher quality cuts of meat, resulting in an even wider range of products.