Collagen casings

Welcome to the website of the Collagen Casings Trade Association (CCTA) - the association which represents the interests of collagen casing producers world-wide.

José Ràfols - CCTA Chairman

Market research indicates collagen casings rate higher than other products



Industry History

Here you will find key documents explaining more about collagen casings. They cover the history of the industry and why collagen is the preferred choice of leading sausage manufacturers.

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Taste the Difference

Collagen casings

Why collagen casings are the preferred choice and our top ten favourite recipies.

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What's so good about collagen casing?

You'll discover why collagen casings are the preferred choice for sausage producers, consumers and retailers on all continents...

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Our Members

We have members from around the world, with manufacturing sites in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific.

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