Collagen Casings


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Collagen Casings

In the past, sausages were made by stuffing a meat mix into the intestines of pig, sheep or other animals.  The desire by sausage manufacturers for high speed stuffing, coupled with a reliable supply of casings with consistently good eating qualities, has meant that many producers have switched to collagen

Casings are supplied in boxes of "shirred" sticks, each of which can contain up to 50m of casing in a stick less than half a metre in length.

Individual sticks are made in different diameters; edible casings range from as small as 13mm up to sizes in excess of 34mm.  Larger sizes for salami type products go up to 110mm in diameter. Collagen casings can be supplied in a wide range of colours and finishes to satisfy consumers' expectations and processors' needs.

The industry has grown rapidly from the early days and CCTA members now supply over 5 billion metres of edible casings every year; enough to go round the world more than 125 times.  Hundreds of different sausage types around the world are now made in collagen casings.