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Market research indicates collagen casings rate higher than other products


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Collagen is a very common, naturally occurring long fibrous protein with remarkable properties.  It has been used for many years as the primary raw material for various applications in addition to sausage casings.  These include uses in the biomedical and cosmetic fields as well as various uses in the food industry.  It is also the base material for the extensive Gelatine industry.

The major use of collagen is for the production of sausage casings.  In the past, sausages were made by stuffing a meat mix into the intestines of pig, sheep or other animals.  The desire by sausage manufacturers for high speed stuffing, coupled with a reliable supply of casings, has meant that many producers have switched to collagen.

Collagen casings have many benefits.  They are made from an inherently safe material and the collagen extraction methods used make the casings free from health risks.  Traceability of the raw material sources is excellent.

Sausage producer benefits are:
high yields
ready to use
consistent diameter
long lengths
high speed filling
reduced "give-away"
long shelf life
simple packaging
stable supply
cost predictability
wide range of applications

Consumer benefits include:
Safe and clean raw material
Excellent regulatory framework
Great edibility and bite
Easy cooking
Good "knack"
Value for money
Long history of consumer preference
Good appearance

Collagen has been safely, successfully and effectively used for this purpose for over 50 years.